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The Unravelogue is a travelogue with a difference!

‘Unravel’ (to loosen, untie, reveal); ‘logue’ (from legein/logos, the word).

Writing which, inwardly and outwardly, lets creative energy unravel itself, as I travel and unravel around the British Isles, France, Spain and beyond… and sometimes keep still. These words are meditations, dear reader, and shared, often playful insights into language, meaning and the ideas of self as an individual, or a process in becoming; a relational, rhizomatic, emerging potential. Simply put, the profound work of making sense of things together.

Come, take a seat, unravel and unwind a little alongside me, if you will…

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Writing at intersections of non-linear journeys and happenings, unravelling language and meaning on the outer and inner roads of being.


I live in a van and sometimes buildings.